Landscaping For Better Curb Appeal

One of the most visual elements of any home is the yard and gardens. They may seem to take a backseat to custom interiors and rooms but they play a huge role in a home’s appeal. If you are selling your home now is a great time to improve the yard as the weather is fantastic. Keep in mind that the front of your home is ground zero for first impressions. If the home is not attractive at first glance, people may not look any further.

Let’s break the yard up into a few different areas; gardens, trees & shrubs and the home itself. Taking the time to bring each area up to snuff is a good investment in your home and can help to sell homes quicker and generate lots of buyer interest.

Gardens – Gardens are one of the easier things you can focus on to improve the look of a home. Start by weeding and removing any old plants that may not be as appealing as you want.Once the garden is free of weeds and old plants, lay down some new topsoil. When thinking about flowers and plants try to pick colors that accentuate the colors of the home, glaring differences in color can be unappealing to buyers. Once the flowers are planted, laying down a mulch can help the garden to retain it’s beauty and color, it also stops weeds from coming back. Also, try to consider what climate you are living in and plan your flowers appropriately, some plants will not do well in some climates. Want to try something different? try making a rock garden!

Trees & Shrubs – Trees and shrubs can be the anchor points of a yard. There is nothing like a well-maintained hedge to bring privacy to a yard. Trees need some special mention as their majesty can enclose a yard and give it that special foresty feeling. Evergreens are a great choice for this as they do not lose leaves and maintain their beauty year-round. Shrubs can be utilized to create pathways and areas of respite and tranquility and are easy to maintain. Shrubs can also be an attractive sidebar for driveways.

The Home – Well here is the focal point of the whole property. Attractive homes equal easy sales, there is no two ways about this fact. Take some time and asses your home. Does it need paint? A new roof? Maybe it just needs a good cleaning. Whatever it needs, make sure you do what is necessary to bring the home’s aesthetic value up to par. Remember there is a lot of competition out there!