Network Marketing – Is Network Marketing A Good Home Business For Me?

Network marketing has become a respectable way to enable millions of ordinary, everyday people start and run a business from the comfort of their own homes. Based on the idea of ‘networking’, it starts with your immediate circle of family, friends and colleagues and broadens out to reach those in their network. If you are wondering “is network marketing a good home business for me?”, read on for some helpful pointers.

Network marketing is a business strategy where owners pay a small start-up fee, but do not receive a salary. They receive a commission directly from their own sales (and also a percentage from anyone else they recruit), so that income is directly related to how much effort and marketing is put into play. The idea is to extend your customer base using face-to-face, party-plan, ebrochure, and any other selling methods you choose.

If you are deciding whether network marketing is a good home business for you, what are some of the things you should consider?

1) Are you a confident type of person? If you want to build a serious home business in network marketing, you need to be able to meet and greet complete strangers and be comfortable demonstrating or talking about your product.

2) How much time can you devote to your business? Preparing, planning, phoning, demonstrating, and the delivering of products/catalogues can be time consuming. Whatever time is available, having a plan in place means you are far less likely to waste time and actually get things done quicker. Also factor in time to learn training techniques taught by your company, which is a great business-building tool.

3) Are you a team leader? At some point in your business you may want to earn extra income from other people’s efforts. You can do this by notching up significant sales for yourself to become a team leader. Many networkers have surprised themselves to see their confidence grow to such an extent that they attract other people who want to join their ‘team’.

Before finally deciding if network marketing is a good home business for you, research the business you are interested in thoroughly by asking yourself a few questions:

* Can you experience the products for yourself so that you are comfortable selling them?
* Can you shadow someone to see what kind of effort is necessary to build a profitable home business?
* Can you check out what additional or ongoing training is available?
* Can you be introduced to the area supervisors to find out what support you can expect from your upline?
* Is the product very expensive? You may find that people are not so quick to buy luxury items in times of recession unless there is a totally unique selling point.
* Is the product an ‘evergreen’? Evergreens tend to be things that never go out of fashion, or items that people will always need, such as make-up or vitamins.

At the end of the day, whether you choose network marketing or not, all home based businesses will require effort, motivation and determination to achieve success. At least you are guaranteed top position as your own boss regardless of age, status or gender!

Having come this far, what will you do next? If you linger a little longer, I would like to introduce you to a business strategy that already works for thousands around the world. Knowing that finding your business is only the first step, this model builds layer upon layer to help launch you confidently into your chosen niche, and also gives you your own business to promote. I hope ‘Network marketing – is network marketing a good home business for me?’ has been helpful.