Staging a Home During the Holidays

As a large portion of my business we Stage hundreds of homes every year. At this time of year with the Holidays approaching I am asked by clients and Realtors what we recommend for Holiday Decorating.

1. First of all let’s start with the outside. I like to see lights outside but kept to specific areas that will make our product shine.

2. A spot light on a beautiful wooden door with a LARGE wreath is fantastic. If there are tall wooden columns flanking the entry showcase them with lights and natural green boughs of Pine. Natural Pine roping can be found at Nursery’s and Christmas tree retailers.

3. I like to stay true to the products age and Architecture. Showcase any Trees you may have with lights. You can either hang lights from low branches and/or Spot Light those tall Evergreens.

4. I like to see all the lights the same color as not to “clutter” the visual affect. White lights are gorgeous, in my opinion, yet will the perspective buyer notice another White Holiday lit home?

5. All Red or All Blue or Green lights perhaps. They need to flatter the selling features and compliment the products color and style.

Warm & Inviting is always a Stagers desire for the exterior of a home for sale. This is the perfect time of year to Stage your product. The idea is to have the Buyer WANT to be there to EXPERIENCE the Holidays.

WOW them with a bold statement done simply.

Consider using the new LED window candles in every window that can be seen from the street. Makes ya just want to go in and be cozy.

Really understanding who it is you are Marketing too is crucial.

1. With Interiors it can be tricky. We Stagers are accustomed to asking our clients to minimize all religious Icons. There are however certain neighborhoods known for their Church, Synagogue, Temple and so on. In my city where we live there is an entire area of town called The Saint Jude’s neighborhood. Having a Nativity scene in this specific neighborhood could be a positive point.

2. I recommend that my clients really discipline themselves to only display a small portion of their decorations.

3. Keeping the product warm & inviting, cheerful and uncluttered should be the goal.

4. A particular home here in my hometown always has their Christmas tree in their beautiful 10 ft. windows. If I were looking in that area and price range… that staged scene of that tree would have me buying in a heartbeat

5.This is the perfect time to have a Dining Room set for a party. This would have the buyer dreaming of perhaps them entertaining their friends and family in that room.
Staging any home is problem solving.

Be particularly careful not to leave decorations up after the New Year. It conveys that you are not “on top of things”. I recommend that an exterior door wreath be replaced with any other shaped decoration for winter such as a basket with cascading greens or a Pear shape. The wreath, circle, shape seen on homes in February will look like a Holiday Wreath.

A great source for inspiration is the Better Homes & Gardens online site.

Please Decorate your home even while it is in the market. Life is short and you need to enjoy your home during the selling process, but PLEASE restrain yourself.